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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I blame Global Warming

Coldest October-March in 102 years in the United States.

And for the folks who would claim "cherry picking", this is using all HCN stations.

From 2cents via email.  Responding to my comment placing the blame on Global Warming, he adds:
Yeah.  And I had a headache last night.  And the Bruins lost a shoot out to those flopping Canadians.  And I got a parking ticket two days ago.  And I spilled coffee on myself this morning.  And . . .

I blame global warming for all that stuff, too.
Since Global Warming can do everything, maybe it can stop by and help me fertilize the lawn ...

UPDATE: Link fixed.  Thanks, B!


B said...

link is wrong. Goes to "worthless".

Borepatch said...

Fixed now. Thanks.

ASM826 said...

Global warming causes rise in violent crime.

newrebeluniv said...

Global warming can't help you with the lawn. It can only cause dire consequences. Like a 2% increase in temperatures over a hundred years will cause larger deserts and dust storms, but not increase the growing seasons anywhere or make more coastal areas Spring break locations. Longer summers, but not shorter winters. Higher summer air conditioning bills, but not energy savings on winter heating.